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Barnardo's UK

Barnardo's no longer runs orphanages - but our commitment to our founder's vision lives on today. We support 110,000 children and their families through 383 vital projects at home, school and the local community. Every project is different but each has the same goal: protecting, nurturing and providing opportunities for the most vulnerable children and young people over the long term, and enabling them to face the future with hope.

Whatever the issue; from family drug misuse to disability; from youth crime to mental health; from sexual abuse to domestic violence; Barnardo's is there to give the UK's most vulnerable children a better start in life. We do this through providing counselling, emotional and practical support to help them move forward with their lives.

Without Barnardo's, these children would continue suffering and be deprived of a chance of a normal childhood.  We also campaign to bring about lasting improvements to their lives.

For more information please visit our website at